Become A Volunteer

You can help the Yarra! Become a volunteer and make a huge impact for the health of Melbourne’s River of Mists and Shadows! There are many ways you can be involved: Join a clean-up, take part in regeneration activities, advocate with us, or help spread appreciation of the River.



It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Join our volunteer platform on Volaby to search and join volunteer activities.


Create an account on Volaby and fill out our short questionnaire. Tailor which activities you want to be alerted to by choosing a volunteer program suits your area of interest. This includes litter, research, regeneration or all volunteer activities


Use Care for Yarra as online training to help prepare you for volunteer activities. The library of resources is here to help you better understand your River and how you can help!


Take your online learning and apply it by joining volunteer activities and events that are published on Volaby.

“The biggest reward was
the relationships I gained
from my time at YRKA.”

Dev, 25, Past Volunteer

“Together we could do so much” – Dev was a large support in running a Riverkeeper clean up for over 40 people, and did his part picking litter from the side of the Yarra too!

Types of Volunteer Programs

Caring for your Yarra can be different for everyone! Each person’s connection with their Yarra is different and this will reflect what volunteer activities are right for you! To make it easier to tailor your volunteer experience with your interests we’ve grouped volunteer activities into specific programs. If you’re not sure which one is the right fit for you, you can have a read through our library of resources or choose the ‘all volunteer activities’ program. Learn More >

Citizen Science

Help us to build and share knowledge of your Yarra. Together we can grow our understanding of the river and build a better picture of its biodiversity and the pressures it faces.

Become a volunteer

Polystyrene / Litter

Litter, in particular polystyrene, are contaminating the Yarra’s waters, making the Yarra one of the largest contributors of litter into Port Phillip Bay. We work towards proactively stopping the harmful cycle of plastic pollution in your River and its surrounding landscape.

Ecological Regeneration

Support the vision of a Yarra River that is a connected habitat corridor. By building up the biodiversity of key sites along the River, we are working towards a Yarra that is healthy, resilient and biodiverse.

Become a volunteer

Community Engagement

Share with your community the importance of protecting Melbourne’s imaginative lifeblood. Take part in activities that spread appreciation for your Yarra, educate the community on the social, ecological, ecological and economic value of the River and its creeks.

Become a volunteer


Be part of events that bring together the community, organisations, environmental and community groups and fellow volunteers.

Become a volunteer


Raise awareness to key decision makers and industry on the importance of protecting and caring for the River, it’s creeks, parklands and all species that call your Yarra home.


Take part in research activities that help ensure that our voice continues to be evidence-based and driven by up-to-date information and data.

All Volunteer Activities

Are you an all-rounder? Do all the above sound of interest to you? Be part of a volunteer program that keeps you up to date on all volunteer activities being run by the Yarra Riverkeepers