About Care for your Yarra

Care for your Yarra is an educational platform that will help you learn more about your Yarra Catchment. From regeneration to litter to advocacy, knowing where to start in your journey of caring for your Yarra can seem daunting. This platform will break down vital information and link them to volunteer opportunities so you can go from learning online to taking action! 

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We all play a part in protecting the Yarra River. Increasing your understanding on the River and volunteer opportunities is a great way to make a difference and protect your Yarra. Have a scroll through the wide range of topics and see what area of environmental protection sparks your interest.

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Ready To Become A Volunteer for Yarra Riverkeeper Association?

Join a growing volunteer force who are taking action in protecting your Yarra


“Helping the YRKA run 
planting and weeding events
made me feel great”

Elliot, 25, Past Volunteer

Elliot has helped at numerous revegetation events including with site prep, weeding and planting!

“Meeting lots of new people
while putting plants in the 
ground was amazing!”

Katrina, 25, Past Volunteer

Katrina got involved through our volunteer program, beginning with planting days and moving on to running small events and projects with us!

“The biggest reward was
the relationships I gained 
from my time at YRKA”

Dev, 25, Past Volunteer

"Together we could do so much" - Dev was a large support in running a Riverkeeper clean up for over 40 people, and did his part picking litter from the side of the Yarra too!

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